Another Trial Date For Voter Fraud Defendant


Hodge Attorney Requests Move to July

Brian Keith Hodge Betty Jane Best Hawkins Monroe County TN Vote Buying InvestigationThe Vonore defendant indicted federally for voter fraud, vote buying, and witness tampering asked for a trial date reset
on Thursday. Through his attorney Brian “Wormy” Hodge requested a pending April trial be pushed to late July.

If approved, the date would mark the fourth time Hodge’s trial date was rescheduled. Attorney for Hodge, Michael McGovern of The McGovern Law Firm, Knoxville, filed an “Unopposed Motion to Continue Trial” in U.S. District Court on February 1.

“Comes the Defendant Brian Hodge, by and through his counsel, and respectfully requests an order continuing the trial in this case. In support of this motion, the undersigned counsel states as follows:

1. By Order entered on January 17, 2018, the beginning date of the trial for this case was reset from January 23, 2018, to April 10, 2018. Defense counsel has an unavoidable personal travel conflict with the trial date of April 10. In order to insure continuity of his retained attorney, the Defendant respectfully requests a new trial date. He agrees that a continuance of the trial would be in his best interest, will insure continuity of his counsel, and that all the time between the filing of this motion and the new trial date would be excluded from the 70-day calculation under the Speedy Trial Act.

2. The undersigned counsel has also consulted with Assistant U.S. Attorneys in charge of this case and can represent to the Court that they have no objection to a continuance for the reason set forth above. The undersigned attorney and the Government attorneys have consulted regarding a new trial date and concur with a new trial date in late July 2018.

3. The ends of justice would be served by the requested reset.

WHEREFORE, counsel for the defendant requests that the Court enter an Order continuing the trial in this case to begin in late July 2018 and for a reset of all pretrial deadlines.”

Hodge was initially indicted in February 2017 and set for trial six months later in July.



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