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Brian Keith Hodge Indictment Vote Buying and Conspiracy Monroe County TN

FBI: Hodge DNA Found on Absentee Ballot Envelopes

Saliva Evidence, Forensic Expert Set for July 24 Trial Four months ahead of a scheduled voter fraud trial in federal court, United States prosecutors filed a document in the Eastern District Court in Knoxville on Wednesday, entering a “notice of testimony” prosecutors intend to use against defendant Brian “Wormy” Hodge on July 24, 2018. The notice states that a TBI special agent and forensic scientist will testify […]
Brian Keith Hodge Indictment Vote Buying and Conspiracy Monroe County TN

Judge Approves Reset of Vote Buying Trial Date

Fourth Continuance for Wormy Hodge in Past Year Under a federal indictment for voter fraud, vote buying, and witness tampering, Brian “Wormy” Hodge’s request to reschedule his pending trial in district court yet again found favor on Monday, Judge Leon Jordan granting a motion to continue that Hodge filed on February 1. The new date was placed […]
Brian Keith Hodge Betty Jane Best Hawkins Monroe County TN Vote Buying Investigation

Another Trial Date For Voter Fraud Defendant

Hodge Attorney Requests Move to July The Vonore defendant indicted federally for voter fraud, vote buying, and witness tampering asked for a trial date reset on Thursday. Through his attorney Brian “Wormy” Hodge requested a pending April trial be pushed to late July. If approved, the date would mark the fourth time Hodge’s trial date […]
Brian Keith Hodge Indictment Vote Buying and Conspiracy Monroe County TN

Hodge Voter Fraud Trial Reset…Again

Additional Documents, Photographs, Records Defense Attorney: Plea Discussions Underway “…600 pages of banking records, 56 pages of additional election records, dozens of photographs, approximately 250 E-911 call records, and a transcript of a recorded conversation between the defendant and an alleged co-conspirator which the Government intends to use in its case-in-chief at trial.” View/Download Full […]
Brian Hodge to Plea in Federal Court Monroe County TN Vote Buying

Brian Hodge to Plea in Federal Court?

Pre-Trial Hearing Set in Vote Fraud Case A judge’s order was issued in federal court on Thursday, confirming the voter fraud case of the United States of America against Brian Keith “Wormy” Hodge of Vonore had been set for a “pretrial hearing” at 8:45 a.m. on Tuesday, January 23. District Judge Leon Jordan in Knoxville […]
Monroe County TN Buzz Fall Fest Fundraising Events East Tennessee

Focusing on the Needs of Monroe County’s Kids

Buzz Fall Fest to Assist Coordinated Efforts Think about the smell of crayons for a moment. They smell like the first day of school, sparks of creativity, and possibilities. In a way, they are like children, great big bundles of potentiality, walking into rich, diverse futures and making memories along the way. A Yale University […]
Solar Eclipse Info Monroe County TN

Solar Showdown – Events & Updates

MADISONVILLE Total Eclipse of Kefauver Park The “Total Eclipse of the Park” will take place at Kefauver Park in Madisonville on August 21, instead of the initial location of Houston Park behind the new library. The City of Madisonville made the announcement on Thursday. The solar eclipse event will still take place from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. complete with vendors, […]
Hodge Hawkins Vote Buying and Conspiracy Trial Sentencing Reset Monroe County TN

Hawkins’ Voting Conspiracy Sentencing Reset

Feds Move Date for Hodge Trial to Next Year The federal court voting conspiracy sentencing hearing for Betty Hawkins, aka Betty Jane Best, of Ballplay, has been moved seven months ahead. The scheduled trail date for co-defendant Brian Keith “Wormy” Hodge of Vonore has also been changed and locked in for 2018. View full story […]
Brian Keith Hodge Indictment Vote Buying and Conspiracy Monroe County TN

Feds Hit “Wormy” with New Vote Fraud Conspiracy Charges

“Superseding” Indictment: Seven Counts Including Witness Tampering Served in February with a 14-count federal indictment for conspiracy to buy votes and vote buying prior to the 2016 Monroe County general election, Brian Keith Hodge, also known as “Wormy,” was charged in a “superseding” indictment with witness tampering, conspiracy to commit voter fraud, and five counts […]