Former Deputy Detained by Feds


In Custody Late Thursday, Out Friday

Brian Keith Worm Hodge Arrested Blount County TNA Monroe County Sheriff’s auxiliary deputy was placed in custody by federal agents at his workplace on Thursday and held in detention at the Blount County Jail for approximately 30 hours before being released.

He was identified by the Blount County Jail‘s “online inmate system” as 32 year old Brian Keith “Worm” Hodge. Reportedly, agents arrested him while he was at work in Oak Ridge.

Hodge was an auxiliary deputy with Monroe County and had served as a full time and part time deputy in the sheriff’s department in recent years.

The agency that arrested him was not identified officially. His classification in the justice center of Blount County
was simply listed as “Federal.”

Various social media outlets and rampant rumors linked Hodge as possibly being involved in the alleged “vote buying” events in 2014 and 2016. However, no federal press statement was released and no official substantiation of any offense was available.

“Racketeering” was repeated numerous times, but there was no verification as to its merit. Reportedly, Hodge appeared in a hearing on Friday and was released on his own recognizance afterward.

A female was also named as having been detained by the feds on Friday. The BUZZ was unable to verify this fact
and she did not appear on any online inmate listing.



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