Magistrate to Rule on Hodge Working as Jailer


Tuesday Hearing Latest Wrinkle in Vote-Buying Case

Brian Keith Hodge Indictment Vote Buying and Conspiracy Monroe County TN Sheriff JailerAccused vote buyer Brian Hodge appeared in federal district court in a bond hearing on Tuesday, asking a judge to rule whether he can serve as a jailer at the Monroe County Jail and work with the present chief deputy, Randy White, for whom he allegedly bought votes in the 2014 county general election.

Accompanying Hodge was his attorney Michael McGovern of Knoxville and addressing the court were Sheriff Tommy Jones and Chief Jail Administrator Jeb Brown. Presiding judge was Magistrate Clifford Shirley.

Following the hearing, the court filed two documents, which were made available to the public.

At hand was the question of Hodge, now unemployed as a paramedic for the Department of Energy in Oak Ridge, becoming a jailer for Jones and Brown, while awaiting an October trial on conspiracy and vote-buying charges and possible additional charges of election fraud and a new charge to be presented to a federal grand jury in June.

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