Harrill, Lovingood, Lynn, Rogers Win School Board Races


Board of Education Gets New Blood: Three New Faces

Depending on who you talked to before yesterday’s school board election, the candidates who won were outright shoo-ins or else the outcome was something not many saw coming.

But when all the votes were counted after the polls closed at 8 p.m., it was a solid rout for Second District newcomers Janie Harrill and Bob Lovingood and Third District incumbent Sonya Lynn and former board member Steve Rogers.

Harrill gathered 1,389 total votes. Lovingood amassed 1,121. Trailing the two were incumbent Dave Evans with 741 total votes, Danny Isbill with 681, Jeff Roberts with 663, and Stephanie Alton with 298.

Lynn carried the Third District with 1,009 ballots. Rogers collected 851, followed by Steve Moore with 834, Kristy Blankenship with 710, and Ron Eydt with 561.

Harrill dominated early voting with 800 ballots; her Election Day total was 589. Lovingood was second in early ballots with 594, while attracting 527 votes on Thursday.

Rogers took the early votes in District Three with 440 ballots; Lynn was second with 434. She won Election Day with 575 walk-ins, while Moore was second with 520, Blankenship third with 431, and Rogers finished fourth on Election Day with 411 ballots. In the final vote total, only 17 ballots separated Rogers and Moore.

Incumbents Evans, Isbill, and Eydt will finish their terms at this month’s August school board meeting next week. Unopposed First District incumbent Jerry Snyder won his expiring seat, receiving 1,081 complimentary ballots.

For a breakdown of the school board candidates, see the Saturday-Sunday issue of the BUZZ.



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