Focusing on the Needs of Monroe County’s Kids


Buzz Fall Fest to Assist Coordinated Efforts

Think about the smell of crayons for a moment. They smell like the first day of school, sparks of creativity, and possibilities. In a way, they are like children, great big bundles of potentiality, walking into rich, diverse futures and making memories along the way.

A Yale University study on scent recognition lists crayons as one of the top twenty most recognizable scents to American adults. This scent has the uncanny ability to retrieve childhood experiences from a collective of countless memories. These memories no doubt include starting a new school year with that fresh pack of Crayola crayons, carefully sharpened No. 2 pencils, and a new backpack. Being equipped to meet a new year with delight and anticipation is important to children. Thankfully, there is a unified effort between the Monroe County Family Resource Center and Monroe County Coordinated School Health that sees supplying the essential needs of those kids as a top priority.

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