Important Information from Fort Loudoun Electric Cooperative


An Announcement from Fort Loudoun Electric

Fort Loudoun Electric Cooperative (FLEC) is releasing the following announcement regarding recent power outages that affected part of its membership.

First, Fort Loudoun Electric Cooperative’s phone number is 1-877-353-2674 (1-877-FLEC-ORG). Please record this number so it is easily found in times of a power outage. I apologize for the recent omission of our number from the local phone book. This issue has been discussed with the folks at the phone company and I have been assured that it should not happen again. Our bills always have our contact information available on them as well.

The past two years have shown our service area unusually violent weather patterns. Outages have become more common due to high winds, tornados, hail, ice and lightning. To address our outages as efficiently as possible, we utilize technology advancements to help us control costs while providing excellent service. One technology advancement is our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) telephone system. Our IVR system allows us to quickly get our outages reported. During recent storms, approximately 15,000 of our members experienced loss of power and the area experiencing the outage included all parts of our service areas. With this large call volume, the system automatically places your outage on the map that we work from to restore power (if your phone number is in our system). We need your correct phone numbers.

Each month your bill has a spot for you to update your phone number and send it back to us. Please utilize this space and let us know your phone number. If your phone number is updated with us, when you call in to FLEC the IVR system will automatically recognize the number and record your outage.

Thank you for your patience and assistance in letting us know of power outages that result from passing storms. WE will continue to work to restore your quality of life as soon as possible, please help us to keep the numbers straight.

Jarrod Brackett , General Manager/CEO



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