Local Superhero in Need


Help Super NooDy Find A Service Dog!

Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes.  Some have incredible strength and stamina at their command.  Others have trained studiously for years and years, and are now masters of a martial art or three.

Or perhaps these heroes can move the very elements, rely on the gizmos and gadgets their intelligent minds have created, or are blessed with the gift of  flight.

Some are young, some are old, and all have a different drive in heart and mind—the reason they take up the mission day in and day out.

But there is one trait that all superheroes share, one that decides whether or not they really are champions of truth and justice. That defining trait is bravery, and bravery of the unshakeable sort.  Day in and day out, no matter what the odds, no matter the troubles that rise up and loom over them, a true “super” hero displays insurmountable courage and integrity under fire.

Such superheroes exist not just in comic books or in the realm of film.  They live and breathe and shine in this world, too, daring to be courageous in the face of crisis and lending a hand to those who need them the most.

And one of those brave, inspiring young men just so happens to call Madisonville, Tennessee his home. His name is Mason Millsaps, also known as the intrepid and amazing Super NooDy.

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