Teachers Carry Financial Burden


It all began with a Facebook post on the Buzz page last Friday night.

Monroe County TN School District NewsThe post read, “Based on the budget that the director of Monroe County schools and Board of Education are prepared to present to the county commission, we feel that The public can only assume that the classrooms, schools, teachers, and students are being provided with everything necessary to provide the best education possible in our county, while meeting the students needs.We are asking teachers and school employees to let us know if you feel that there is anything you do not presently have, such as the proper number of textbooks, etc, or equipment in need of repair, replacement, or understaffed departments. Unlike the director’s evaluation, the BUZZ will guarantee that no one will know of your response and your identity will remain unknown should you choose to respond by private message or email.”

Careful there, never make assumptions.  Especially when it involves the Monroe County School system…  Read the whole story here…



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