Music for the Fight: Serving Those Who Have Served


monroe-county-tn-events-eddie-ridenour-music-for-the-fightMusic is a powerful force, commanding a unique magic all its own.

Oh, the mighty deeds it can accomplish!

Even the simplest of strains, floating by before vanishing into the ether, can delight the ear and leave the listener yearning for more.

A bombastic chord or two from a film score can punctuate the excitement or grandeur playing out on a screen, breathing life into fantasy. Haunting melodies linger (and as their shepherds, can raise goosebumps too) long after they have been strung.

A stirring love song may well have the strength to heighten a moment between two souls connecting for the first time… maybe even bring that zing moment about in the first place.

And music—the sound of it, the creation of it— can perhaps also bring healing to the brokenhearted,
joy to the dispirited and lonely.

This is certainly the hope of musician and soldier Eddie Ridenour. The founder of Music for the Fight, he offers free guitar lessons to other veterans. The goal behind this emerging non-profit organization is to prevent suicides amongst servicemen and servicewomen. Read More…

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