Solar Showdown – Events & Updates



Total Eclipse of Kefauver Park

The “Total Eclipse of the Park” will take place at Kefauver Park in Madisonville on August 21, instead of the initial location of Houston Park behind the new library. The City of Madisonville made the announcement on Thursday.

The solar eclipse event will still take place from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. complete with vendors, food, and other fun activities.

Shuttle service will be available from Madisonville Primary School.

Eclipse Encounter

Madisonville Chota will host a party of astronomical proportions on August 21st from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.  Free Eclipse Glasses.  Free “Corn Hole.  Free Bounce Houses.  Free T-Shirts.  Free Games.  Free Food.  Free Photo Booth.  Aliens & Astronauts Costume Contest.


From Total Darkness to Total Eclipse The Lost Sea Covers it All on August 21

America’s largest underground lake and one of Monroe County’s oldest and most popular attractions will join the nation’s solar eclipse celebration on August 21. According to Lost Sea General Manager Lisa McClung, plans for accommodating visitors during the upcoming event are in place and the staff looks forward to a busy day at the registered natural landmark.  More Details Here!


Chota’s Eclipse Encounter – A Party of Astronomical Proportions!

A rare event is steadily approaching Monroe County. On the afternoon of August 21, 2017, the moon shall darken the sun, and a total solar eclipse will capture the eyes and imaginations of one and all. It is not just the towns and cities preparing for this natural phenomenon, either. Local businesses are also planning celebrations of universal scope and
grandeur!  More Details Here!

Totality in Tellico: First Annual Song Harvest Festival

Have you heard? A total solar eclipse is soaring its way towards the skies of Monroe County, Tennessee. Tellico Plains
is among the municipalities overseeing a celebration of this once-in-a-lifetime event.  Known as Totality in Tellico, it promises to be a star-studded event.  More Details Here!


Free Parking Downtown

Monroe County is directly in the path of totality. Even as residents and visitors rev up their rocket engines and tug on space suits, several of Monroe County’s towns and local businesses are preparing to greet this most rare and wondrous of natural phenomena.  More Details Here!





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