Veteran Seeking Sheriff’s Office Challenged


Locals Seek to Remove Bryan Graves Name from Republican Primary Ballot

Monroe County TN 2016 Sheriff Election Bryan GravesA two-tour Iraqi war veteran and Bronze Star recipient is under fire from registered voters in Monroe County who have challenged his status to run for sheriff in next year’s Republican primary election.

On Saturday, Bryan Graves, who is at present out of state and undergoing military training maneuvers as a member of the Tennessee National Guard, where he serves as a sergeant first class, received the following letter from the Tennessee Republican Party Executive Director F. Brent Leatherwood.

“Bryan: Good morning, sir.

Please confirm receipt of this message.

I have the unfortunate responsibility of informing you we have received a challenge to your bona fide status as a Republican. This means your standing as a Republican has been challenged in order to remove your name from the ballot.

You have been challenged by multiple registered voters in Monroe County. All of them state that you have not been voting in recent Republican primaries.

Article IX of the TNGOP Bylaws explains on page 11, the basis for challenges and the process for refuting those challenges. The State Chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party will render his decision prior to the state deadline of December 17th.

Please take the next few days and gather any evidence you may have to prove your Republican bona fide status. You may use your voting record if it shows you have voted in 2 of the most recent 4 Republican primaries or you may get letters of recommendation from Republican elected officials to vouch for you to the State Chairman. All of those letters should be addressed to Ryan Haynes, TNGOP Chairman. They may be scanned and emailed to me or sent via regular mail. Our mailing address is:

Tennessee Republican Party
2424 21st Avenue South
Suite 200
Nashville, TN 37211

Please note, we need all materials by noon on Wednesday, December 16th.

Please call me on Monday if you have any questions. I would be happy to share additional details about the challenges or the process. My number is: 615-269-4260. I appreciate your help in this process, sir.”

After receiving the letter, Graves issued a statement.

“This challenge stems from my working for Bill Bivens. He never one time asked me my politics, asked me to do anything illegal or immoral. He was good to me and my family, and if you can’t support someone that treats you like that you aren’t worth two cents.”

Graves continued, saying, “Tactics like this are the same mindset and same type things that have sold out America to the highest bidder and kept people in power that have corrupted the America we love. We have to take our county back and make it the will of the people and not the will of those that would steal your vote.”

“I am entirely qualified for the office of sheriff and this has nothing to do with me not meeting requirements of the state,” said Graves. “I am perfectly vetted.”



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